Contour Orbit Drive

‘Enables safe, easy power assisted patient transport’

Taking Patient Care to a new level

Add the Contour Drive system to a traditional stretcher such as a Classic, Deluxe or Multi-X to take both standard and bariatric patient transport to a new level. The intuitive, intelligent drive system takes all the human effort out of moving stretchers and is designed for easy and safe use by the operator. Natural movement controls the speed and direction of the stretcher with the ability to stop very quickly by pulling back and with safety features such as the emergency stop, and system lock out as standard there is an additional level of confidence.

The Contour Orbit Drive attached to a stretcher also helps prevent the most common operator strain injuries by taking the back-twist movement out when moving a stretcher forward, backwards and sideways.

Astris Lifecare provides a range of stretchers to cover every hospital requirement, from the general-purpose transport models, radio translucent for easy x-rays to fully customised specialist procedure trolleys for theatre and day surgery.

Build your stretcher fit for purpose by varying the width, length and height as well as fitting the relevant accessories to create exactly what’s required to ensure efficiency and safety. The Contour Orbit Drive electric system is run by a powerful removable and rechargeable battery lasting days of normal use and charged via a retractable cable, which saves time and prevents accidental damage in emergencies.