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Features & Benefit

  • Electrically adjustable chair on legs (STEADY) or with lockable castors (READY)
  • Back and leg sections are independently adjustable (FREE)
  • ENT head rest is adjustable in multiple directions and can support the head of an adult or a child
  • Armrests adjust to the movement of the back section and enable minor positional changes
  • UP & OUT leg rests lengthen in a high position and shrink in a low position. Low position of the chair enables easy access, while the lengthened leg rests offer a patient maximum comfort during therapy
  • Easy setting into trendelenburg position
  • Smooth and seamless padding surface (60mm) and easily accessible paper roll holder permit efficient cleaning with minimal use of disinfectants
  • Upholstery available in more than 40 colors
  • Variety of accessories available, please contact customer service for details