The Sentida Bed Range

Sentida 6

The Sentida 6 Low Bed can be a more clinically suitable option a safer and more effective way to reduce Falls compared to a traditional Floorline Bed. This is achieved by promoting confidence and safety and with the use of a mobiIisation aid allowing the resident to safely lift out of the bed.
The Sentida 6 Adapts to Resident Size and Requirements and can be adjusted to different heights for varying levels of mobility, body sizes and heights plus Falls Risks (Low, Medium + High Risk)

The Sentida 7-i bed is the future of Care. Equipped with a data management system, automated weighing, alarm and mobilisation aids, features which all contribute to improving care and resident management

  • Fully automated pump to reduce human error
  • Risk mitigation of injuries to both Carer and Resident
  • Real time data management which shows changes in resident health
  • Future proofing your facility for future changes in policy and health
  • Digitalisation can ease the burden of nursing care, leaving more time for personal interaction

The Dual Retraction is a clinical design feature on all Sentida Beds that actively reduces pressure for greater Pressure Care Management in Aged Care Facilities. The Heat Mapping demonstrates how single retraction beds increase pressure on the resident’s body, which can increase the risk of a pressure Injury.



  • Greater Pressure is placed on Resident
  • Tightness is formed around the torso, creating discomfort and avoidable pressure
  • The extra pressure on the torso, may increase the desire to go to the toilet due to pressure on the bowel and bladder


  • Designed to aid Pressure Care Management
  • Enhances easier Ventilation, Breathing and Digestion
  • Promotes greater Resident comfort and socialising
  • As per the Pressure Mapping (Left) it significantly reduces pressure